We at Sicerma are committed to fulfil our obligations under the European regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). We have already fully registered some of our products with ECHA and have others pre-registered with registration in progress. We thereby assure that we can continue to supply our customers unhindered by any registration deadlines.


Reference numbers for our products:


All Silicon-Metal qualities:

Silicon, registered, reference number: 01-2119480401-47-0157


Ferro silicon nitride:

trisilicon tetranitride, registered, reference number: 01-2119978227-26-0001


All Sicersil products:

Fumes, silica, registered, reference number: 01-2119486866-17-0046


Ferro silicon:

iron silicide, pre-registered, reference number: 05-2117786384-30-0000


Silicon carbide (SiC):

silicon carbide, pre-registered, reference number: 05-2114130103-72-0000